I’m Tiffany, a full-time photographer, wife, mother, and former dental assistant (flossing is still important to me). I’ve explored several avenues of photography over the past 7 years, but what really lights the fire in my soul is capturing real, uninhibited love.

When I’m not at home with my husband, spoiled dog Nelson, and our baby girl Ainsleigh I’m on the go. You’ll typically find me out picking up inspiration for my next shoot, grabbing coffee with clients or, if the mood strikes, actually running. On the rare occasion that I do slow down, it’s to appreciate the fact that I’ve had one of the best jobs in the world since launching my studio in 2012.

Despite taking more than 30 years to start travelling, a trip to Paris was all it took to give me the “travel bug.” Even with a baby at home I am determined not to let “mom guilt” keep me from continuing to pursue my ever changing dreams & desires. If you visit my site frequently, you’ll not only view touching stories of beautiful couples and families, but you will also find bits of me and my life, too.