Wait a minute, no it hasn’t, at least not through my lens! Get it, “my lens?”  I’m so funny!  Nothing has sprung in my backyard except dog poo that appeared after the melting snow. Stinky.  But it’s coming!  I feeeeeeeel it in my fingers!  I feeeeeeeeeel it in my toes!  Name that movie!

Spring is kind of here, at least in Minnesota!  The sun is shining, the lakes are thawing, & the snow is disappearing, !  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!

Spring used to be my least favorite of the four seasons (not to be confused with Four Seasons Hotel), but now it is one of my favorite.  Of course you get the leeeeettle chance of snow (sometimes up to 2 feet) popping in and out of the forecast, but it melts right away!  And yes, the ground is muddy, wet, and ugly, and your wellies and the doggy’s paws are tracking mud into the house which means you are constantly vacuuming and mopping the floor, But! But! BUT! Hear me out!  There is hope!  HOPE!  There is always hope. Without it you are a deflated hot air balloon. (How depressing would that be?  Especially if you’re in it!)  The hope for sun, the hope for those few random 60 degree weather days, new produce in the super markets, & the best part, FLOWERS!  Tulips to be exact!  My favorite flower.

What I’m trying to say is I am embracing SRPING!  Everyone sing it with me now!

Love calls like the wild birds-
It’s another day.
A Spring wind blew my list of
Things to do…away.

Greg Brown, Spring Wind, listen to it as you open up your windows to the fresh 40 degree morning air!  Ok, maybe don’t do that yet unless you crank the heat up before you do that, but then that’s a waste of energy and your husband will get mad at me for telling you to do that (but shhhhh….I do that sometimes).  Hey…..a girl needs fresh air after being cooped up inside a hundred year-old home for 6 months!  I only do it for like 10 minutes sometimes, ok, then maybe I forget and 6 hours go by, but at least the house smells fresh again!

Anyway!  Cheers!  (Did someone say rosé?)  Did I tell you we had the best $6 bottle of rosé in Paris?!  Whyyyy does good Rosé here have to cost $14/bottle here?  Whyyyyyyy?  Enough whining Tiffany, sheesh, you aren’t 3.  But 3 year olds don’t buy wine, so HA!

What are you doing to celebrate spring?  I’m going through my closet and purging some clothes, cleaning my floor, because SPRING!  Time to stare at these lovely tulips I bought for myself this weekend at Trader Joe’s along with these little pretty stems that are resting pretty in the vases I got from Merci in Paris!

à votre santé!


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