How can I begin this post to entice you to keep reading? Post a pretty picture?  Sure!  I can do that!

Did it work?  We will call this, Tiffany’s “things”. Tiffany has a lot of “things” that go on in her little head. So here you can get a taste of that. It’s 2017, I had a baby last year. Did you know that? Well I did and she is beautiful and perfect and amazing and now I want 6 more (ok, maybe not 6, maybe 8).  You think I’m joking don’t you?  Call us Chris & Tiffany + 15!  Ok, now I’m joking, sort of.  I just love my baby girl so much, which is probably one of the biggest reasons for writing this post. Had she not been born, I probably would not be going to church every Sunday with her, I wouldn’t be sacrificing anything for lent and I would probably be on Instagram or Facebook scrolling mindlessly through everyone’s posts as she sleeps right now. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOVE mindlessly scrolling, I mean, it’s mindless and amazing and INSPIRING, but also time sucking! Which brings us here, to this post which I’m sure has misspelled words, wrong punctuations and jumping from one random thought to the next.  I went to a funeral yesterday. (see what I mean…) But I did. It was so beautiful. Call me super weird, like SUPER weird! But I kind of like funerals. “Did she really just say that?” Yes, yes I did. There is something about them that is so humbling. I always think I won’t cry, but I look like a train wreck after every one. This makes it sound like I’ve been to a lot. I haven’t, maybe a handful. I just appreciate them. The message is always moving and it truly makes you think about what matters in life. Listening to how someone else lived out this beautiful life, makes me want to live my beautiful life even more beautifully. Because life is BEAUTIFUL!  Time for another pretty picture!


Ok, back to why I’m here. So it’s Lent, I gave up social media. That means no Instagram, no Facebook, and no Pinterest…maybe…I might glance at Pinterest, but I’m gonna try not to. So far it’s day 3 of the lenten season, only 43 more days to go! And this is what I’ve learned…

I’m SOOOOOO addicted to social media, like insanely addicted and these past 3 days have proven it. You know how alcoholics when detoxing get the shakes? Or if you’ve ever tried a cleanse, all you can think about is the food you can’t eat so you just sort of sit and don’t try to do anything because you can’t focus on anything but the food you can’t eat?  (GIVE ME ALL THE ICE CREAM!) Well, that’s how I’ve been these past 3 days. One would think I would have been SUPER productive, but I haven’t. I’ve probably been just as productive as I was when I was scrolling mindlessly all day on Instagram (which obviously was not too productive), but that will change, right?

The other thing I’ve realized on this cleanse is I am very impatient.  I guess I already knew that, but that spectrum of impatientness (not a word, I know, but I like it)  has been broadened.  Prior to this cleanse I wrote down a few of my favorite Instagram peoples (“peoples” that word makes me giggle for some reason.  “people’s, Peoples, PEOPLE’S!!!”)  so although I wouldn’t be able see their latest Instagram’s, I could read their latest blog posts.  Guess what?!  I hardly ever read people’s blogs, my mind was always too much like my 8 month old daughter jumping from chewing on a shoe string to climbing up on the dog.   I like the instant gratification of a pretty picture vs reading an entire blog post which has me guessing 98.9% of the people who follow me won’t read this post either.  However these past 3 days I’ve already found that I get so much more out of the 4 people who I follow by reading their daily blog posts than I did of the 300 + people I followed on Instagram.  It fulfills my pretty picture quota for the day as well as getting to know the people behind the pretty pictures that inspire me.  This is something new to me that I am beginning to love.  Which also may be why I am inspired to start writing more about my “things” on here.  I don’t really care if no one reads it, it’s just nice to get my “things” out there.

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