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About Kokal Photography

Kokal Photography encourages and educates couples to plan their weddings thoughtfully, respectfully and awesomely. Once your wedding day has come and gone, Kokal Photography will to hold your hand through marriage with extraordinary guests, engaging discussion about life after your wedding, and the days you wish you stayed single.

Kokal Photography came to be out of pure necessity; Elisabeth’s necessity and desire to provide a safe and fun place to discuss all of the shit that happens after the wedding. Because if your wedding day is “the best day of your life”, then what are we saying about marriage? Marriage is not always easy, but hot damn is it worth it (well, most days)!

When Elisabeth’s not in the studio recording Kokal Photography she’s writing reality tv (that she hopes will actually make it on tv one day), whipping up something sweet and gooey in the kitchen or boxing in her hot pink boxing gloves.

Founded in 2005, Kokal Photography was the first wedding blog to focus exclusively on modern weddings. Founded by Elisabeth Garcia, an interior designer by day, and a bridal blogger by night, the site features up and coming vendors in all fields such as photography, calligraphy, invitations, fashion, and gifts, along with coverage of bridal shows, shop reviews, and everything in between. It also includes a vendor listing page that features modern wedding vendors that range from up-and-coming to seasoned pros. While membership in the listings are paid, the chosen vendors are highly edited to showcase only the best. The site attracts a core readership of brides, industry professionals, and magazine editors.