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Posted on Jan 11, 2023 in Wedding Planning Checklist

Creative Wedding Rituals Symbolize Unity

Creative Wedding Rituals Symbolize Unity

Are you seeking a unique way to express love and commitment during your wedding ceremony? Every couple wants their special day to feel like no other, so we’ve compiled some of the most creative and meaningful wedding rituals worldwide that all focus on symbolizing unity. Read on to learn more about these beautiful rituals and how each adds flair to your celebration.

Butterfly release

This popular wedding ritual originates from Mexico and is a stunning way to represent the two lives coming together as one. One butterfly symbolizes the couple, while another symbolizes their union. After saying your vows, you can each release the butterflies into the air together, watching them flutter away and be united forever.

Sand ceremony

A sand ceremony is traditional in Hawaiian weddings and has become popular in the United States. It’s a beautiful way to symbolize two people joining together and becoming one unified force. Two people join hands to pour different colors of sand into one container, signifying their unions. This moment can be extra special if you have a beach wedding or coastal ceremony.

The flower exchange

It is a very romantic ritual that originates in the Philippines. The bride and groom exchange flowers, symbolizing their love and devotion to each other. After exchanging the flowers, they can wear them as a sign of unity or keep them for a lasting memory.

wedding ceremony

Jumping the broom

This old African tradition symbolizes the new couple’s intent to build a strong and lasting home together. It involves the newlyweds jumping over a broom as they say their vows, signifying the start of their marriage journey and household. Many couples have adopted this ritual recently due to its beautiful symbolism.

A wine ritual

A wine ritual is a great way to symbolize the joy of your union. This ritual involves the bride and groom pouring wine into one vessel as they say their vows. It represents the merging of two lives in love and harmony.


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition that involves binding the hands of the bride and groom with ribbon or fabric. As they are bound, a blessing and commitment of their mutual love are made. The symbolism behind this ritual is beautiful—the couple’s two lives become one as their hands are tied together in unity.

Cleansing ceremony

It is a spiritual ritual that originates from Native American cultures. It involves sage burning and the couple’s hands being washed in a bowl of blessed water, signifying renewal and cleansing of their love for one another. This ritual is full of symbolism, as it signifies the couple’s commitment to starting their lives together with a clean slate.

No matter which creative wedding ritual you choose, each of these traditions is beautiful and meaningful. They all focus on symbolizing the unity between two lives coming together as one. With so many wonderful rituals, you will surely find the perfect one for your special day!