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Posted on Mar 6, 2023 in Wedding Planning Checklist

Can A Wedding Photographer Shoot A Video As Well?

Can A Wedding Photographer Shoot A Video As Well?

Although many photographers agree to parallel video and photography of the event, this is not the best idea. One person cannot professionally do both in one day. The bride and groom and some novice wedding organizers are unaware of the intricacies of working with technology, so the question: “Maybe you can also shoot a video for us?” arises from ignorance of the peculiarities of the professions of a photographer and videographer.

Why can’t a wedding photographer shoot a video?

Equipment features

Different equipment is needed to shoot photos and videos. For example, to capture the mainframes of the wedding banquet, the photographer needs a camera and a lens. To shoot video, at least a tripod and a device for recording sound are added to this list. Cameras can also shoot videos, but the quality is not as good.

Lack of professional skills

Because photographers have been trained in photography skills, chances are they don’t know how to make good videos and vice versa.

Various hardware settings

You will not be able to take both photos and videos on the same camera settings. If you want to take a beautiful photo, you need to use a different setting than if you want to shoot a video. For example, shutter speed is important for taking photos, but it does not matter when shooting videos.

filming videos

Different approaches to the process

When taking photos, a professional can take a vertical frame to crop out unnecessary elements that spoil the composition. Videos are shot horizontally. A person must carefully monitor what is in the frame since cropping the unnecessary or retouching in Photoshop will not work.

Shooting with post-production in mind

The photographer thinks about how the picture looks when taking pictures. They worry about the composition and frame. They don’t worry about the lighting because that can be changed later. When shooting a video, you must control the light carefully because it is hard to change it later.

Different amounts of work

A photographer needs a specialist to provide a constant voltage while taking pictures or filming videos. The performer tries to choose the most successful and beautiful moment when taking pictures. However, when shooting a video, a beautiful frame is not enough. What is happening should still carry meaning. Consequently, the photographer has to follow not only the visual picture but also the dialogue.

Human factor

When someone tries to do more than one thing at a time, switching from one activity to another isn’t easy. For example, photographers might get so involved in taking pictures that they forget to film a video.

In conclusion, hiring separate photographers and videographers for weddings is highly advisable. This way, both will focus on their specialties and provide beautiful and memorable wedding photos and videos. Additionally, hiring professionals allow the bride and groom to enjoy their special day without worrying about technical details.