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Posted on May 5, 2022 in Cosmetic Products

What Is Lamellar Water?

What Is Lamellar Water?

Have you ever heard of lamellar water? It may sound like something a scientist in a lab would create, but it’s been around for thousands of years. Lamellar water is created by emulsifying oils and can improve skin health and even reduce wrinkles! So what exactly is lamellar water, why should you use it, and how can you make your own? All questions we’ll answer today as we explore this amazing natural phenomenon.

What is lamellar water used for?

Lamellar water is a form of emulsified oil that can be used as an ingredient in skin care products. It helps to protect and nourish the skin, as well as reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. The oil molecules in lamellar water can bind together, forming a protective layer on the skin’s surface which helps to lock in moisture and nourishment. Additionally, because it is oil-based, lamellar water can help protect the skin from environmental pollutants like dust and pollen.

oil molecules in lamellar water

How do you make your lamellar water?

Making your lamellar water at home is quite simple! All you need are some oils of your choice (olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are all good options) and some distilled water. First, mix 1 part water and two parts of your chosen oil. Next, blend the mixture for about 5 minutes using a blender or food processor until it is completely emulsified. Finally, pour the lamellar water into a glass bottle and store it in a cool, dark place.

Benefits of lamellar water for hair and body

As well as having a range of skincare benefits, lamellar water can also help improve hair health. Adding a few drops of it to your shampoo or conditioner during washing can help to add extra moisture and nourishment to the hair shafts, which in turn can help reduce frizz and split ends. Lamellar water can also be used as a body wash or moisturizing cream, forming a protective barrier against environmental pollutants like dust and pollen.

In conclusion, lamellar water is an amazing product used for centuries to improve skin health and reduce wrinkles! Its oil-based nature provides extra nourishment and moisture to the skin, hair, and body. Plus, making your lamellar water at home is simple and cost-effective! So why not give it a try today?